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 Malaysia >> Travel Guide >> Things to know about Malaysia
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Population :  c.a. 20,800,000
Capital :  Kuala Lumpur

Flag :  Fourteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top) alternating with white (bottom); there is a blue rectangle in the upper hoist-side corner bearing a yellow crescent and a yellow fourteen-pointed star; the crescent and star are traditional symbols of Islam; the design was based on the U.S. flag.

Shop Hours :  Department stores and supermarkets are usually open from 10am to 10pm and shops from 9:30am to 7pm. In Kuala Lumpur, as well as in most major towns, there are several 24-hour stores.

Bank Hours :  Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm, and Saturday 9:30am to 11:30am.

Holidays :  Weekly holidays vary from region to region. In Selangor, Melaka, Penang, Perak, Pahang and Negri Sembilan, there is a half-day holiday on Saturday and a full-day holiday on Sunday. In the states of Johor, Kedah, Perlis, Teren gganu and Kelantan a traditional half-day holiday is observed on Thursday and full-day holiday on Friday; Saturday and Sunday are treated as weekdays.

•  January 1 :     New Year's Day (except Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah ,Perlis)
•  April 13 :     Good Friday
•  May 1 :     Labor Day
•  May 9 :     Vesak Day (except for Federal Territory of Labuan)
•  June 6 :     Birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King)
•  July 23 :     Maal Hijrah
•  August 31 :     National Day
•  December 25 :     Christmas Day

National Holidays  Execpt Sarawak and Labuan
Note :  If a holiday falls on a weekend or Friday, the following day becomes a holiday.

Time :  13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and16 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, 7 hours of GMT;

Tipping :  Tipping is usually not necessary, unless service is excellent. Most hotels and large restaurants automatically add a 10% service charge in addition to the 5% government tax to the bill (indicated by a ++ sign on menus and rate cards).

Restaurants :  10% service charge added automatically. Additional tipping is unnecessary, unless service is excellent.

Porters :  Tip porters about M$1 per bag. Any tip less than 50 sen would be considered insulting.

Hotel maids :  Service charge added automatically. Additional tipping is unnecessary, unless to acknowledge excellent service.

Taxis :  Most taxis are fitted with meters. Taxi rates are currently RM 2 for the first 2km and 10 sen for every 200 meters thereon. A surcharge of 50% is levied between midnight and 6.00am.

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